Even the smallest design change can impact cost and schedule. We understand that to make the best choices you need to know the value of your design options. With our unique brand of pre-construction services, we help you maximize impact and find balance between project features, cost, and schedule to help you meet your goals. We help eliminate surprises, accelerate facility turnover and maximize the building program for your budget. 


Our innovative pre-construction tools and processes will provide you with an early, ongoing and comprehensive view of your project. We analyze and evaluate schedule acceleration options, functionality of design, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and design harmony.


From inception to completion, our pre-construction budget development is realistic and accurate and identifies costs early to reduce surprises. We provide continual analyses, cost options and recommendations to build a better, more efficient project. We collaborate with subcontractors to gain realistic estimates and current costs in your project’s geographic area, not industry averages. We deliver accurate cost vs. value comparisons of systems that provide you with an analytical view of your options so you can make informed decisions that meet your project goals.


We understand that delivering a project on time can be critical to your financing, transition planning and commitments. Our pre-construction schedule management keeps you informed about how design decisions affect schedule milestones. We analyze material and design alternatives and provide recommendations to help you meet your goals for delivery of the project.