We are highlighting five of our employees over the next few weeks by asking them five different questions. Takeyla Tyson is our third employee to participate! See what she has to say.

How long have you been with JCP Construction ? I have been with JCP for six years. I started as a part-time Office Manager, but I now work as the Job Cost Accountant.

What does an average day for you as a Job Cost Accountant look like? An average day for me comprises of financial meetings, assisting project managers to control job costs, managing the AP/AR and data analysis. I also spend time throughout the week assisting the CFO with other “big picture” financial components. There is a lot of coffee consumed!

What is the most enjoyable project you’ve worked on? My favorite project was the Fiserv Forum. I liked that project because I was able to drive or walk past and look at the work we were doing. It was also the first project where I was more closely involved in the project. I was able to learn more about how JVs work and what it takes to pull off a project of that size.

What is your favorite part of working for JCP Construction? My favorite part is seeing a project being completed as planned (or as close as possible). A lot of hard work goes into the management of the project and when I can be a part of that success, it makes all the long hours worth it.

Tell us something about you that not too many people know? I love Hello Kitty and video games (I have six different game consoles/devices). Hello Kitty speaks to the kid in me and I find that video games help with stress.