Friday, October 25, 2019 was a day to remember for JCP Construction, as we had a trifecta with three awards honoring our contribution to the construction industry. We give special thanks to those organizations who helped us celebrate our continued success.

Marketplace bestowed JCP Construction with its first ever Legacy Award, to celebrate our efforts on projects such as Bader Philanthropies, Pete’s Fruit Market and the upcoming, IKON Hotel. Governor Evers presented the 2019 Legacy Award to JCP Construction in recognition of a decade of outstanding perseverance and business accomplishments as a family-owned, minority-owned general contractor. He praised the company for helping to transform the industry’s culture and impacting the community by contributing to Milwaukee’s neighborhood wealth creation and Wisconsin’s economy.

The Daily Reporter awarded Jalin Phelps with the 2019 Newsmaker of the Year – Community Impacter of the Year Award. Jalin quietly and selflessly gives back to the community around him and is proud to be integral to training of the next generation of the construction workforce. His involvement in a collaboration with the SDC and MATC with the aim to train future construction workers while repairing a rehab house is exemplary of his innovative approach to training.

Finally, JCP Construction was part of the team that was awarded the WCREW Vision Achievement Award for building the Bader Philanthropies project.

It will be hard to top this trifecta, but we always like a good challenge.