JCP Construction was recently featured in a BizTimes article. This article was part of their “Faces of Family Business” series.

What inspired you to start JCP Construction?

Our family history is factory based. We have strong, blue-collar ties. Clifton, James and I went to trade school at Milwaukee Tech and continued to pursue different paths in the construction industry. We believed our collective knowledge and expertise could position us for success as a strong, business-minded construction company. This was an opportunity to change the trajectory of our family career path and create a new legacy for the family name. We grew up learning valuable lessons about hard work and commitment and have built a construction company committed to providing high quality construction on time and within budget. 

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about working in the family business?

Internally, we know we have to have clear communication and trust each other. The good thing is that we are brothers and can speak candidly to each other—which can sometimes be counterproductive.

Externally, we are fortunate to be able to observe other family businesses in the construction industry. There are so many area construction companies successfully transitioning into the third and fourth generations of well-respected business ownership. As a first generation company partnering with some of these organizations, we can learn and grow based on valuable insights from these colleagues. 

What is important to know about the JCP mission?

In addition to providing excellent construction services, we want to find and develop great talent. We want to build a diverse team who serves diverse and growing clients so we can positively impact the growth and development of our community. 

What’s does the future hold for JCP Construction?

Tremendous growth. From a financial perspective, we are positioned for an over 40% increase in revenue in 2022. We are also excited to be expanding our geographic reach beyond the City of Milwaukee into the southern portion of the state. More importantly, we are deepening our connections to other area businesses and developing solid partnerships.

Read the article on the BizTimes website.